optimized system solutions for various markets such as

semiconductor, MEMS, security printing and nanotechnology


Osiris International GmbH focuses on developing and manufacturing advanced solutions for the micro and nanotechnology markets.

It is our mission to provide our customers with leading edge solutions that contribute cost effective, simplified and environmentally friendly manufacturing tools and chemicals for
the global chip market with innovative processes in coating, developing, cleaning, lift-off and temporary mounting & demounting. Products range from bench mounted or table top R&D systems to fully automated cassette to cassette high volume production tools by accommodating substrate sizes from pieces up to 2.000 x 2.000 mm (78” x 78”).

With our modular design tool platform and multiple process technologies we can configure manufacturing tools to meet specific customer needs utilizing any of our process capabilities in a single frame with robotic handling of substrates.

In addition to our headquarters in Berlin and the manufacturing site in Moos on Lake Constance, Germany, we established a subsidiary Osiris International Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona to service the US market.